What's New:

  1. Wynn Everett proposes to revive Mystic bike/footbridge connecting the Orange Line to casinio and mall (www.everettindependent.com 8/14/2015)
  2. EPA grading system for watershed gives public more localized info Grading segments of the river is more accurate (newsroomamerica.com 7/18/2015)
  3. Herring population at Mystic Lakes Dam hits 3-year high More fish, more wildlife (patch.com/massachusetts/arlington 7/14/2015)
  4. Wynn Resorts heads for trouble over Mystic River property purchase Will Wynn lose? (medford.wickedlocal.com 1/6/2015)
  5. Mystic River water chestnut cleanups a success best weed pulling year yet (medford.wickedlocal.com 10/18/2014)
  6. Harvard students help spruce up Mystic River in Medford 125 Harvard students clean it up in Medford (medford.wickedlocal.com 9/25/2014)
  7. Mass. gambling commission approves Wynn proposal for casino in Everett Wynn wins (www.bostonglobe.com 9/15/2014)
  8. EPA urban water grants in the Mystic watershed $120k awarded to MyRWA and Chelsea Creek Action (www.newroomamerica.com 8/20/2014)
  9. 6 Things to Know About Monday's Oil Spill On Boston Ave in Medford draining to the Mystic (www.patch.com 1/19/2014)
  10. Mass. Gaming Commission Clears Wynn Resorts for Everett Casion-resort License On the Mystic River (www.masslive.com 12/27/2013)
  11. Partners Healthcare moving thousands of workers to Somerville's Assembly Road 1st major tenant for Assembly Row (bizjournal.com 12/6/2013)
  12. Medford, Harvard students, and local volunteers Spruce up Mystic River sites Thank you volunteers (wickedlocal.com/medford 9/26/2013)
  13. New Over the Mystic River Route signs First walking route signage, 1.7 miles loop (medford.patch.com  7/12/13)
  14. Medford to donate $10000 for water chestnut elimination program Somerville, Tufts, also contributing (wickedlocal.com 6/22/13)
  15. Cleaning up the Mystic in Medford after oil tanker crash, spill MWRA committee chair opinion (wickedlocal.com 6/3/13)
  16. Mystic River Water Quality no Worse than Charles MWRA committee chair opinion (www.cambridgetoday.com  3/18/13)
  17. Belmont Uplands: Silver maple saga continues Appeals to Mass. Superior Court continue (www.wickedlocal.com  1/22/13)
  18. Water taxi dock plan proposed for Medford $708K feasibility study awaits State approval (www.boston.com  12/16/12)
  19. Hazardous chemical under West Medford parking lot causes problems to arise 'perc' from dry cleaning biz (www.wickedlocal.com  12/19/12)
  20. New path along Mystic, Malden Rivers Wellington Greenway Third of Four phases completed;  joining Rt. 16 in 2016 (www.boston.com  11/16/12)
  21. Mystic River Watershed Association unveils Water Quality Policy Statement Clean Water Campaign unveiled (www.wickedlocal.com/medford  11/14/12)
  22. Watershed Association Celebrates 40 Years MyRWA Telling the Mystic's Story (www.wickedlocal.com/malden 11/13/12)
  23. Tufts new boathouse begins construction Upper Mystic Lake structure replaces 1948 structure (www.tuftsdaily.com 11/7/12)
  24. Alewife Greenway Bike Path Connecting Minuteman Bikeway and Mystic thru Arlington, Somerville, Cambridge (www.boston.com 10/25/12)
  25. Japanese Knotweed removal video Tufts Freshmen FOCUS program removing invasive weed. (www.youtube.com  8/25/12)
  26. Mystic River Herring Count  198,000+ fish counted by volunteers at new dam fish ladder (www.wickedlocal.com/medford 8/17/12)
  27. Gentle Giant Rowing club, Somerville brings residents to the Mystic. (www.wickedlocal.com/somerville 8/09/12)
  28. Tons of Crap Fished out of Mystic River Actually, water chestnuts. (blogs.wickedlocal.com/somerville 8/30/11)
  29. Coakley settles with highway maintenance company Catch basin cleanings disposed of illegally. (www.legalnewsline.com 8/26//11)
  30. Tri-CAP hosts open community meeting about Malden River part of Mystic Environmental Justice Initiative. (www.boston.com 8/3/11)
  31. Construction to Slow I-93, Close Webster St. and Mystic River Channel Fast14 bridge re-building. (medford.patch.com 7/28/11)
  32. Riverfront Park in Somerville slated for expansion, improvements connecting parks by Assembly Square. (www.wickedlocal.com 7/22/11)
  33. Mystic River Watershed Association Unveils Urban Trail Map includes Activity Guide. (winchester.patch.com (7/6/11)
  34. Mystic River boaters get blessing Winter Hill Yacht Club holds holy event. (www.thesomervillenews.com 6/20/11)
  35. Future finally brightens for Assembly Square Construction begins for IKEA, apartments. (www.boston.com 6/9/11)
  36. Mystic River grade slips to "D-" Due to bacteria, good for swimming only 28% of the time, boating 70%. (www.manufacturing.net 5/15/11)
  37. Sailing | Top−10 finishes propel team to New Englands Tufts teams compete in Championships April 16. (www.tuftsdaily.com 4/12/11)
  38. Aberjona River flood mitigation project to kick off this summer Widening & dredging due to flooding. (wickedlocal.com/winchester 4/4/11)
  39. Troubled waters for Tobin Bridge job First painting of the main bridge since 1948 includes deleading. (www.wickedlocal.com 4/3/11)
  40. Ikea slow to furnish Assembly Square On hold due to the economy, will include River development. (www.bostonherald.com 3/13/11)
  41. DEP ruling on Belmont Uplands appealed Accused of ignoring local concerns. (www.wickedlocal.com/belmont 3/3/11)
  42. Massachusetts Silver Maple Forest Goes to High Court Sign the petition to save the Silver maples (www.change.org 2/28/11)
  43. Medford lawyer wrangles $100K for Mystic Rvr Wtrshd Assc. Good things happen. (www.wickedlocal.com 12/9/10)
  44. State agency plans Mystic River  preservation  DCR releases it' Master Plan for the Mystic River area. (www.tuftsdaily.com 10/1/10)
  45. National Grid to fund rain gardens along river  Malden River continues to improve. (www.boston.com 9/22/10)
  46. City of Medford allocates half million after March flooding  Hiring consultants to study flood control steps. (www.wickedlocal.com 4/19/10)
  47. Forecasters warn of brush fire dangers. Phragmites fires along Mystic during heat spell. (www.boston.com 4/7/10)
  48. Boston Breaks March Rainfall Record  The flooding started March 12, 2010. Two weekends filled with rain. (www.wbur.org 3/30/10)
  49. Notice Alert: CSO Activation in Alewife Brook  Combined Sewer Overflows into Alewife Brook March 14 & 23. (cambridgema.gov 3/14/10 & 3/23/10)
  50. DCR removes dock wedged under Medford bridge Discovered during the flooding of March 15. (www.wickedlocal.com 3/16/10)
  51. Notice Alert: CSO Activation in Alewife Brook  City of Cambridge notifies public of Combined Sewer Overflow into Alewife Brook on Feb. 25. (www.cambridgema.gov 2/26/10)
  52. LNG Tanker From Yemen Arrives In Boston Harbor  The first of thirty 900-foot liquid natural gas tankers from Yemen drops anchor in Everett (wbz.com 2/23/10)
  53. Boston Environmentalists Face Upstream Battle In Big Oil Settlement  Exxon-Mobil pays $4.6 million after tanker dumped 15,000 gallons of diesel fuel in the Mystic at Chelsea in 2006 (WBUR.org 2/22/10)
  54. Federal funds would be used to spruce up Condon Shell Park  $1 million proposal for the Medford band shell includes new plantings, paths, and a canoe launch (boston.com 10/2/09)
  55. Friends of the Mystic River join Cans for Cash Challenge prizes from $5,000 to $15,000 to the four cities that collect the most aluminum cans--will our cleanup do it? (wickedlocal.com 9/30/09)
  56. Mystic River Watershed Assoc. announces  Mystic climate change lecture w/Prof. Douglas Oct. 6 at Tufts Braker Hall,  annual meeting w/Kathy Abbott, Trustees of Reserv'tns, Oct. 29, Mellon b'ldng, Everett (mysticriver.org 9/29/09)
  57. $65 Million in Government funding for Assembly Square Project New bond money for infrastucture improvements  announced by Governor, Sen. Kerry, Rep. Capuano (massachusettsnewswire.com 7/21/09)
  58. Mystic River Earns 'C-' on Water Quality Report Card  The EPA upgrades the Mystic from a 'D' grade (Environment News Service 5/11/09)
  59. Troubled Bridges Reaching for Aid Mystic Valley Pkwy bridge over Alewife may include bike paths (Somerville News 3/14/09)
  60. Harvesting Medford Rain Water Councillor Marks proposes stopping storm run-off around the city (townonline.com/medford 3/11/09)
  61. Alewife Greenway Inches Forward  path plans await Arlington approval (wickedlocal.com 3/6/09)
  62. Medford Wind Turbine photos 100kW at McGlynn School (mit.edu)
  63. Wind turbine alternative energy in Medford school windmill presents teaching moment (townonline.com/medford 1/31/09)
  64. Upper Mystic Lake dam rehabilitation project environmental certificate (PDF)  most trees on the berm will be cut (mass.gov 1/30/09)
  65. Medford Mayor press conference New park space along the river--Ring Road Project master plan completed in Medford (townonline.com/medford 1/30/09)
  66. New Ideas Along the Mystic River Oyster Project, bikepath to the Navy Yard in Charlestown (Boston Globe Green Blog 8/31/08)
  67. Rep. Donato supports the Mystic including making Mystic River safe for swimming (Townonline.com 8/14/08)
  68. MET to fund Lower Mystic improvements $500K in grant money available to communities & non-profits (Townonline.com 8/10/08)
  69. Study:Hurricane Rate Tied To Ocean Temp. UMass researchers study Mystic Lake for clues (thebostonchannel.com 8/8/08)
  70. A Treasure Uncovered Rivers Edge project along the Malden River (Boston Globe 6/11/08)
  71. Born to Move Mystic rowers hope to make the Beijing Olympics (Boston Globe Magazine 6/8/08)
  72. Whole Foods 5% for Myrwa Tuesday, May 27, all Medford Whole Food purchases benefit the Mystic (Mystic River Watershed Assoc.)
  73. Mystic Malady Agencies, volunteers work hard to clean watershed (Boston Globe)
  74. Mystic Herring Run (& Paddle) May 18, Volunteers needed, e-mail HerringRun A T gmail.com (Mystic River Watershed Assoc.)
  75. Important Green Line Meeting May 13, project leaders present to the Medford City Council, 7pm (medfordgreenline.org
  76.  'Langwood Commons' Action Update Stop the end-run around environmental review: meeting 5/7/08 7:30 Memorial Hall, 590 Main St., Melrose (Friends of the Fells)
  77. River's Edge announces ground breaking First office building (Malden Observer)
  78. Rehabbed Brookline-Somerville water main back in service Goes through Mystic Reservation (Somerville Journal)
  79. Warning against fish caught in Mystic, Malden Rivers Mass. Dept. of Public Health warns: do not eat  (Malden Observer)