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All year long, people enjoy fishing, boating, rollerblading, dog walking, birdwatching, cross-country skiing, or just sitting and meditating on the Mystic. The Friends of the Mystic River support habitat-sensitive recreation. We want the river to stay beautiful so that when these kids grow up, they can enjoy the same activities with their kids! We support the installation of greenways, grassy strips that provide a buffer zone for the river. And this spring, we will help the Alewife/Mystic River Advocates celebrate the second annual Mystic Herring Run. The A/MRA times this 10K road race to coincide with the trip made by thousands of herring from Boston Harbor to their spawning grounds in the Mystic Lakes. The sight of fish jumping the Mystic River Dam greets runners at the finish line.


Public Transportation to the Mystic Lakes and the Mystic River

Boating on the Mystic Lakes