All year long, people enjoy fishing, boating, rollerblading, dog walking, birdwatching, cross-country skiing, or just sitting and relaxing by the Mystic. The Friends of the Mystic River support habitat-sensitive recreation. We want the river to stay beautiful so that when today's kids grow up, they can enjoy the same activities with their kids!

Safe Passage Day is our annual "leave no wake" boating event in the Spring.  Our river parade launches boats from Medford Square and travels up to the Medford Boat Club for a picnic. We are celebrating the river and reminding boaters of the 6mph speed limit on the river.  Great fun!

Each spring, we help the Alewife/Mystic River Advocates celebrate the annual Herring Run.  A 10 kilometer road race coincides with the annual return made by thousands of herring from the Atlantic Ocean to their Mystic Lake spawning grounds. The sight of fish jumping the Mystic River Dam greets runners at the finish line. 

Public Transportation to the Mystic Lakes and the Mystic River

  • Commuter rail to West Medford or Wedgemere Station for access to Mystic Lakes

  • Orange line to Wellington Station for access to Mystic River

  • Buses to Medford Square also provide access to the river

  • Boating on the Mystic Lakes

    • Upper Mystic Lake: No Motorboats

    • Lower Mystic Lake: Motorboats allowed, but NO WAKE

    • Boat Landings in the watershed

    • The national champion Tufts sailing team sails on the Upper Mystic Lake



    Mystic Reservation
    Visit the Winthrop Greenway

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