Some Mystic River Links

Aberjona River Gauge at Winchester
Real-time Streamflow Data
Alewife Mystic River Advocates
Alewife Study Group
Brooks Estate, Medford
City of Medford, Massachusetts
Friends of Alewife Reservation
Friends of the Community Paths
A path over the Amelia Earhart bridge
Friends of Fresh Pond, Cambridge
Friends of the Mystic River, Medford
since 1995...
Malden River "River's Edge" Project
formerly TelecomCity
Medford Historical Map @ Lib. of Congress
Panoramic 1800s view of Medford--type in 'Medford'
Medford Historical Topographic maps
See how the river has changed
Massachusetts Satellite Photos
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Reports
Info on Boston Harbor's Rivers water quality
Middlesex Canal Association
excellent historic information
Mystic Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring
Active in the warm weather months
The Mystic River Bridge, Chelsea, Mass.
An engineering marvel, longer than the San Francisco Bay Bridge, officially known as the Tobin Bridge
Mystic River Drainage Basin Map
Water, bedrock & surface geology info
Mystic River Parks
formerly Metropolitan District Commission Mystic District
Planning Mass. Dept. Conserv. & Rec.
formerly Metropolitan District Commission Planning Office
Mystic River Watershed Association
Mystic Watershed Collaborative
Sandy Beach, Winchester water quality
Active in the warm weather months
Tufts Institute of the Environment
Overview from Mystic River
good basic information
"Into the Mystic" lyrics, Van Morrison
Some say it's about the river
Wikipedia entry on the Mystic River
The 'other' Mystic in Connecticut