What is the Knotweed Eradication project?
Volunteers are ridding the riverbanks of Japanese Knotweed.
Why are you doing this?
Knotweed is an invasive plant choking the riverbanks. It will overrun everything. It is not bamboo. It is a creeping perennial choking and spreading by its roots. It can travel 65 feet from the parent and seven feet down.
How are you removing the knotweed?
We are continually cutting and pulling the plant to drain its energy and kill it. Takes three years.
Isn't there an easier way?
We are following professional advice on this. We did a test plot to prove it works. It is the safest and fastest way to do it. If you helped, it would be easier (hint-hint).
Can't you get someone to help?
Yes, that someone is YOU. The park is state controlled, and the DCR has other priorties during the current budget crisis. We were granted permission to do this work from the state and city.
How long has this been going on?
We are in year two now(2005). Two other projects are already completed and looking good.
What do you do with the knotweed?
After we pile it, the DCR(Department of Conservation and Recreation) mulch it in place, or haul it away, or we get help from other state agencies.
What's next?
Once the knotweed is controlled we will grow some native plantings.
What happens if you do nothing?
The knotweed will show up all over the river and eventually in your backyard.
Can't you call someone for help?
That would be YOU. For ten years we have organized clean-ups, educational events, and weed control on the Mystic in Medford. We are all-volunteer. The river is owned by you, the public. Join us, call 781-391-2604 or email mystic02155@hotmail.com
We are not paid to do this valuable work and could use your help.