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Friends of the Mystic River

Friends of the Mystic River is a Medford-based community organization focused on the enjoyment, protection, and enhancement of the Mystic River.

Founded 1995 in Medford, Massachusetts

Upcoming Events:


Mystic Meet & Greet
Thursday March 2
 7:00 PM

West Medford Community Center
111 Arlington St (Off Harvard Avenue)
West Medford

Come and learn more about what's new on the Mystic River as we join with the Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) in a "Mystic Meet and Greet". Hear about the latest news in the watershed and find out how you can become involved with:

• Improvements at MacDonald Park

• Closing gaps in the Multi-use network of trails

• New herring monitoring program in the Medford schools

• Fun events celebrating 45 years of MyWRA

email: mystic02155 -AT- hotmail.com (replace -AT- with @).

co-sponsored with Mystic River Watershed Association

RSVP via this FaceBook event page

Google Map of the meeting location click here to open map in new window

River Improvement:


Japanese Knotweed  and Water Chestnut removal will begin again in the Spring.

Read about the Knotweed Eradication & Habitat Restoration Project.

Water Chestnuts start in May but really get going in June.


Contact us:

Email: mystic02155AThotmail.com (replace AT with @)

Friends of the Mystic River
PO Box 560083
W. Medford  MA  02156-0083


We welcome and need your support -- just sign up on the Join Us page.

Topographic Map of the Mystic River, Massachusetts

Who We Are

What We Do

Friends of the Mystic River picture a river "clean, beautiful, and free-flowing".

Water flowing from 21 surrounding cities makes up the watershed. The river flows from the Aberjona River to the Mystic Lakes through Medford, Arlington, and Somerville to Boston Harbor.

The banks are publicly owned. While wildlife and people appreciate the river, development and pollution have threatened its health.

A group of concerned citizens in Medford, Massachusetts founded Friends of the Mystic River in 1995.

Improve water quality to meet the standard of swimmable water

Preserve and restore riverine wildlife habitat

Promote public awareness and community involvement in the river

Improve access and create habitat-sensitive recreation opportunities

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